Amazon Web Services - Pricing

Magnamus offers two pricing solutions:

  • Fixed monthly price for each SAP server with round the clock availability. This pricing option comes with free installation of standard SR release of SAP instances (as announced from time to time) and monitoring of server on regular basis to ensure 99.9% availability as promised by Amazon web services. Additional costs may apply for any specific upgrades, or specific support packs.
  • Variable cost (pay-per-use) per server. This pricing option allows the customers to setup a schedule with Magnamus and request to start/stop the instances based on their needs.  Customer will be billed for instance charges only for the time the Amazon instance is up.  However, because storage is reserved and attached with each server, the customer has to pay for storage and other allied costs even if the instance is down.

Please contact with your requirements for more details on pricing.  We are more than happy to assist you with selecting the best pricing option. 

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